Imagine being relentlessly harassed by “porn-harms science deniers” for speaking the truth about research.

With alias names that include “Anti-Your Brain on Porn”, “Real Your Brain on Porn” and “Science of Arousal”, this group—known for their love of porn and ties to the porn industry—call themselves “scientists”. Behind this front, they deliberately and maliciously target researchers, psychologists, clinical therapists, journalists, educators, activists and organisations for speaking up about porn harms.

The Porn-Harms Science Deniers—allegedly led by Dr. Nicole Prause—propagate libel and slander, threaten careers and attempt to ruin the reputation of any target they disagree with. Dr. Prause now has several defamation lawsuits against her. It has been proven in a court of law that she makes slanderous and false accusations to achieve her goal—silencing the evidence about porn harms.

This website provides evidence of Prause’s tactics and provides an anonymous voice for victims who just want to get on with their work without having to deal with such lunacy. A NOTE TO THOSE WHO BELIEVE PRAUSE: ask for proof of evidence to back her claims. An investigative journalist, Diana Davison, who covered this story in detail said of Prause:

These facts are verifiable ~ view the evidence.

The evidence suggests that the social media account @BrainOnPorn was the brain child of, and managed by, Dr. Nicole Prause. Due to the relentless hateful conduct of this account (Tweeting slander up to 150 times per day), @BrainOnPorn was suspended late October, 2020.

Dr. Prause continues to harass and target select individuals who speak up about porn harms – referring to them as “anti-porn extremists”.

COMMON TACTIC: Dr. Prause searches for any hate-speech spoken about her by random individuals on forums—and then makes outlandish claims that these “death threats” are being sent by those that she targets. Researchers, psychologists, clinical therapists, journalists, educators, activists and organisations have all become the victims of a tactic used by Prause known as “DARVO”.

To this day, Prause has not produced any verifiable evidence showing that the people she claims are sending herself or other “female scientists” death threats have actually done so.

Prause is so skilled at “crying wolf” that she’s even managed to convince colleagues to write letters to “verify” her victimhood—without a shred of evidence, these colleagues corroborate her falsehoods. She’s also done interviews to spread her delusions – anyone familiar with interpreting body-language could easily pinpoint her fabrications. To make matters worse, whenever Prause’s victims (often blindsided by these false accusations) try to defend themselves, Prause proceeds with further defamation and harassment.

Let’s zoom in on Dr. Prause – aka “serial stalker”.

Here are some highlights below – where relevant, links have been reproduced on this site as Prause is known to harass publishers to remove articles that expose her antics.

October 2 2020, Gary Wilson interviewed by journalist, Megan Fox. Both have been the targets of hateful conduct and false accusations by Dr. Nicole Prause.

September 9 2020, a lawyer raises a lawsuit against a Twitter user for retweeting defamatory and false claims made by Prause.

In August 2020, Gary Wilson won a legal victory against sexologist Nicole Prause’s efforts to silence him.

August 6 2020, a Los Angeles Court ruled that Prause’s attempt to obtain a restraining order against Gary Wilson constituted a frivolous and illegal “strategic lawsuit against public participation” (commonly called a “SLAPP suit”), calculated to bully Wilson into silence and undercut his rights to free speech. By law, the SLAPP ruling obligates Prause to pay Wilson’s attorney fees.

In July 2020, Gary Wilson secured the Trademarks for Your Brain on Porn, yourbrainonporn.com and YBOP.

  • Evidence of this can be found on the United States Patent and Trademark Office website.
  • Gary Wilson had been operating the Your Brain on Porn site since 2011. Dr. Nicole Prause first applied for Your Brain On Porn Trademarks on January 29, 2019. This request was denied on October 18, 2019.
  • After being notified of Gary’s ownership of the Your Brain on Porn and related trademarks, the realyourbrainonporn.com website changed to scienceofarousal.com.
  • Additionally, the @BrainOnPorn Twitter account changed its name from Real Your Brain on Porn and then operated as Anti-Your Brain on Porn until the Twitter account was suspended.
  • The @BrainOnPorn Twitter account, named in a defamation lawsuit by Alexander Rhodes as being under the management of Dr. Nicole Prause, Tweeted anywhere up to 150 times per day defaming, harassing and deceiving the public.
  • To date, Dr. Nicole Prause continues to claim that Gary lost his trademarks by sharing old documentation and deceiving followers of @BrainOnPorn.

In May 2020, a UK media outlet paid substantial damages and ceased operations after printing lies fed to it by Dr. Nicole Prause.

In 2019, an investigative journalist spoke to Prause on the record for more than a week. Prause offered no solid evidence of her claims of victimhood.

Prause is the defendant in two ongoing US Federal defamation lawsuits.

Lawsuit 1. Here’s an article about the Pennsylvania defamation lawsuit Rhodes v. Prause. [back up link] The suit implicates RealYourBrainOnPorn.com and @BrainOnPorn as well. Note: Prause has lost her motion to have discovery findings withheld.

Lawsuit 2: Here’s an article about the Texas defamation lawsuit Hilton v. Prause. [back up link] Note: Prause has since lost her Motion to Dismiss in the Texas defamation lawsuit.

Prause’s close colleague David Ley works with porn giant xHamster’s subsidiary Stripchat. 

Ley has written two books that deny the existence of sex addiction, despite much evidence to the contrary. Pornhub endorsed his book on porn.

Other colleagues (previously listed on the now defunct realyourbrainonporn.com and scienceofarousal.com site) also have affiliations with the porn industry—such as writing for Playboy.

“Follow the money” and “uncover the facts” has never been more important.