References for 10 facts about RealYBOP

  1. Pornhub was the first account to retweet RealYBOP’s maiden tweet (demonstrating collaboration).

Pornhub later deleted its retweet. Hartmann is a member of RealYBOP.

  1. RealYBOP “experts” work with porn industry giant xHamster to promote its sites (David Ley and others.) Ley also defends Pornhub on Twitter.

  1. RealYBOP regularly retweets XBIZ, FSC, AVN, porn industry insiders.

Next, RealYBOP attempts to augment the baseless smear campaign that anyone who points out the risks of porn use is antisemitic, despite that fact that many of the most vocal, and effective, critics of the effects of today’s porn are Jewish.

In response to discovery of rape victims on Mindgeek’s Pornhub site, RealYBOP defends Mindgeek:

  1. RealYBOP defends Pornhub while defaming and disparaging Laila Mickelwait (who started a petition to hold Pornhub accountable for hosting child porn and sex trafficking videos).

  1. RealYBOP “experts” attend exclusive porn industry awards (XRCO). Prause is in the pink dress on the right.

  1. In its first year, RealYBOP posted over 1,000 tweets disparaging or defaming anyone who says porn might cause problems.

Verified journalists may contact us for the massive collection.

  1. RealYBOP has never tweeted a single study reporting negative effects of porn (even though the weight of the evidence finds negative effects).

A sampling of RealYBOP views:

  1. RealYBOP regularly misrepresents studies and the state of the research.

  1. RealYBOP is embroiled in two federal defamation lawsuits (and numerous other legal actions).

  1. ScramNews was forced to apologize and pay damages to NoFap for printing lies from a RealYBOP “expert”.

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