Seeker of Justice and Truth

I’m a regular person. But I’ve had enough of the ways that porn is harming people – kids, solos, partnered – I don’t know any sector of society that hasn’t been impacted by porn. Pretty much everyone I know is 1-degree away from someone who is messed up because of porn – or messed up themselves.

When I added my name to the traffickhub.com petition (which is calling for Pornhub to be held to account for allowing child sexual exploitation material and rape on its site), I stumbled across a Twitter thread that involved the “porn-harms science deniers”. This group relentlessly harass anyone who speaks out about the harms of porn – and they are clearly influenced by the porn industry.

No matter how much you believe in people’s right to watch porn, this groups tactics are messed up. It’s evident that they are deliberately attempting to destroy the lives of good people. They lump everyone in the same basket and call them all anti-porn extremists or make out that anyone who opposes porn is a right-wing fanatic (atheists, jews, religious, agnostic – ANYONE). I don’t have any beliefs other than treat people right – but I guess by putting up this site, I’m now an anti-porn extremist. For reasons which are blatantly obvious, I choose to remain anonymous …

Injustice and lies must be exposed. Hence, realyourbrainonporn.exposed

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